Frequently asked questions

Because we do not cut, grind or shave off material in our cold drawing and rolling processes which are produced in coils, material flow is continuous and can be formed with minimum handling costs. Less waste, faster production = customer savings.

While tolerances depend on size and related dimensions, they will generally vary from +/- .0005 to +/-.005. Our process can produce closer tolerances with greater consistency than many other production methods.

Almost any solid shape can be drawn or rolled depending on its complexity. Each shape submitted will be evaluated and a process developed for the most efficient and practical means of producing material specific to your application.

We generally produce shapes anywhere from .062 to .625, but we will quote other sizes dependent on the shape.

We prefer a minimum of 500 lbs. per order, but will produce as little as 100 lbs. in most cases.

We ship from 6’ to 14’ bars in wooden crates and 15’ to 18’ bars in laminated paperboard boxes at a max gross weight of 350 lbs.
Product can also be shipped in coil form in cardboard boxes on pallets, on steel wire carriers or in some cases on wooden spools.