Through the cold drawing process the original material is pulled through a series of carbide dies. Material is annealed between processes, so it becomes ductile enough to change its shape as it passes through the die. This method means that no metal is shaved or ground off. Instead, the original material is elongated with minimal waste. The lack of scrap helps us, and our customers save money.
We accept small minimum order quantities. - Our customers are in many different industries from firearms, jewelry, medical, fastener, model railroad, bearings, aerospace, security, etc. We take pride in delivering high-quality materials for them to use in their work.
We offer custom precision wire shapes for the following materials:
Brass Wire: 260, 360
Carbon Steel Wire: 1008, 1010, 1018, 1038, 1065, 1117, 1141, 1215, 4140
Stainless Steel: 300 series, 400 series
Phos bronze, Copper, and Nickel Silver: 102, 110, 510, 752
We also offer other materials upon request, depending on availability.

Custom Shaped Wire Profiles

Almost any solid shape can be produced at Precision Wire Shapes. The practicality of each shape depends upon contours and is evaluated in each instance. Our expertise is always available in arriving at the most practical shape for your specific application.

Our process can produce closer tolerances with greater consistency than many other production methods. Whether cold drawn or cold rolled, we do not grind or shave off material and can provide an exceptional smooth finish in coil or straightened lengths.

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