Precision Shapes, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Ray Heck. The business began on Pleasant Street in West Brookfield in what was an old corset factory and was built on providing shaped wire products to companies such as Bausch and Lomb, Lufkin Rule and Savage Arms. In the 1970’s they expanded and moved to our current location at 11 Long Hill Road in West Brookfield, MA.

Precision suffered an unfortunate turn of events in early December 1978 as Ray and his wife were killed when their private plane crashed near Charleston, South Carolina’s municipal airport.

The following year the company was bought by Edward Swallow, who with his father Charles moved to West Brookfield from Ohio to run the business until April 6, 1984 when three friends and co-workers with the key skills needed began a journey of a lifetime.

Stanley Brown, Holland Johnson and Ronald Rivers purchased the company and became partners. For the next quarter century, the friends successfully built upon, grew and diversified the Precision business; creating jobs, servicing a long-time customer base and forming a solid reputation for providing quality, precise product needs for a variety of industries from firearms to jewelry.

In 2011, Precision Shapes was purchased by their largest customer and was renamed Precision Wire Shapes, Inc. Today, as we celebrate 50 years of service in 2017, the next generation of Precision is focusing on the future. Cheryl Woodman and Richard Millier are leading the team by diversifying their portfolio, building on our Quality Management System and strategizing to help “shape” our customers’ future.

We service many different industries. Security, Architectural, Construction, Aerospace, Medical, Model Railroad, Firearms, Jewelry, Fasteners, Bearings, Agriculture and more.